Nya gardiner

De är köpta på second hand så man kanske inte kan kalla dem "nya". Utan längder blev det plötsligt väldigt tomt i fönstret - och grannarna får bättre insyn. Men å andra sidan blir det ljusare i vardagsrummet; det är faktiskt ganska stor skillnad.

Jag måste lära mig att förminska pixlarna i kameran. Jag tror att fotona blir ganska stora. Men det kan bli svårt eftersom jag är stenåldersmänniska när det gäller bildprogram. Man kan säkert ta mindre bilder med kameran men då måste jag läsa instruktionsboken. Män läser inte instruktionsböcker.

Veckans fynd v. 4

Det är inte alltid man hittar något under en vecka. Vanligtvis hinner man inte ens gå på någon loppis/antikaffärsrunda. Jag gick på en liten runda idag lördag och hittade inget roligt konstrelaterat. Jag köpte i varje fall en DVD med Douglas Fairbanks; "The Thief of Bagdad" (äventyrsfilm från 1924) för 30 kr.

Min mor ringde mig i början av veckan och berättade att hon hade hittat en Lisa Larson för 40 kronor. Det var ingen dyrgrip men jag tycker att den är rätt okej. Den kommer att passa bra tillsammans med de andra Larsonfigurinerna när jag får upp min nya stringhylla.
Första fotot med min nya digitalkamera!

Kjula hopp Kjula hej

Today I went to Kjula to work. It was a lot of effort for 4,25 hours of actual paid work. The library is situated in the school area but the bus stopped at the kiosk, one kilometer away. Usually it is no bother, it only took fifteen minutes (maybe  twenty) to walk from the bus. But It was cold, 10-15 below. And on the way home, the road (which had no pavement) wasn't lit up. I was an accident waiting to happen. But all in all the day was fun. I had never actually been in Kjula before, only driven past, like most of us do.

My parent gave me a digital camera for Christmas. Collecting dust is what it does best. I have to begin using it (begin the begun, as Artie Shaw said) and put some nice pictures in the blog.

I have only had complaints of the fact that I am writing in English. Perhaps I will listen to the critics?

I want a couple of these by Åke Holm. Anyone who can offer me them cheap (these heads or the biblical ones, an example beneath):

Watch the telly, or Youtube

...you can find anything on Youtube (or Google Video , which sometimes are better).

Tomorrow, Thursday, SVT1 is showing the animated short Flatlife. It is a Belgian film, but it reminds me a lot of the kind of films the Canadian animation guru (well, one of them) Paul Driessen does.

As I said, you can see Flatlife on the telly Thursday SVT1 at 19:00.

or here:

Great game in Betapet

Everything worked this time. I played against Colie who had 1309 as ranking. I had 1260. The game was slumpad:

 colie: TOM (14).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: MJAU (44).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: PUSS (10).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: ÖRA, PUSSA (18+33=51).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: HI, PI (3+5=8).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: JO (13).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: FALL, HA, PIL (9+3+6=18).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: DÅN, FÅ, HAN (18+21+4=43).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: GE, DE (10+4=14).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: SI, HANS (2+5=7).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: AZTEK, ÖK (51+6=57).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: BOG, AG (144+9=153).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: MOTA (6).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: FEZ (42).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: FALLA (8).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: VED, AV (8+7=15).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: ID (4).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: KEL, KÖRA (4+8=12).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: PRO (14).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: LAND, ÖKA (4+7=11).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: BO, MO (6+4=10).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: PANG (24).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: SMUTTA, PANGA (66+8=74).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: ÖBO (30).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: RÖS (6).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: TRUCK (16).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: DU, UT (10+10=20).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: RUTT (7).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: KNÄ (12).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: DRÖS (14).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: TITT (7).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
colie: ojsandu leder ju bara med 200 p
» fridenpaden: LÄTE (12).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: VÄN, NI (14+4=18).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
fridenpaden: måste erkänna att det går över förväntan
» fridenpaden: LY, LE (15+2=17).
» colie:s tur.
colie: och så har du ju mindre i rank. du kommer tjäna mkt rank på detta
» colie: SES, BE, MOS (3+5+5=13).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: EX (9).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: SES (3).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» Ej korrekta ord: ÅD.
» Du har 2 försök kvar.
» fridenpaden: SESÅ (7).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: IS, IS (2+2=4).
» fridenpaden:s tur.
» fridenpaden: ÅH (6).
» colie:s tur.
» colie: EX, AVE (8+4=12).
» colie fick 0 poäng i tidsavdrag och 4 poäng extra för andra spelares brickor (332-0+4=336 poäng)
» colie:s nya rating är 1280 (-29).
» fridenpaden fick 0 poäng i tidsavdrag och 4 poäng i avdrag för brickor kvar (533-0-4=529 poäng)
» fridenpaden:s nya rating är 1288 (+28).
» Därmed vann fridenpaden!

Notice the word BOG. I got 153 points that move. 144 for BOG and 9 for AG. I had a tripple letter on B (4x3), a tripple word on both O (2) and G (2), which results in (12+2+2)x3x3 = 144, and then the AG (2+1)x3 = 9. It was a very nice move, if I might say so.

A Moment to Clarify

In my last blog I wrote that "Monster House" (the only 4 so far) was the best movie of 2006. The truth is that it is the best feature movie of the ones I have seen yet.

Other movies that were good or pretty good(that is: 3) are "A Scanner Darkly", "Big Momma's House 2", "Click", "Ice Age 2", "Little Miss Sunshine", "My super Ex-Girlfriend", "Pirates of the Caribbean 2", "Over the hedge" and "Superman Returns".

Bad movies were "Bandidas", "Clerks 2", "Doogal", "Dr Dolittle 3", "RV", "Just my luck", "Little Man", "Friends with money", "Benchwarmers" and the completely awful "Ultraviolet".

I am still looking forward to watch "
Pan's Labyrinth", "Borat", "The Fountain", "Apocalypto", "Children of Men", "Stranger than Fiction" and the Dixie Chicks documentary "Shut up & Sing". Hopefully at least one of these will be better than "Monster House".

[Following text inserted 070107]
Of all the movies I am looking forward to watching, only "Borat" has had Swedish premiere to date. 

Kajsa Ingemarsson

That woman really doesn't tingle my giblets but I do think she is funny. She is not like Streisand (Funny girl! Is that a great reference or what?),though her voice delivers a multitude of personalities in the excellent P1 show "On the Minute". And what about her magazine book cover? I know that it repels readers, i.e. me.

Yesterday was the first day of my life in 2007 as unemployed. I was going to register at the employment office but considering that it was the first work day there would probably be a myriad of people queueing, and I was correct. Therefore I used my phone but unfortunately it was a bad choice: I had to visit the office in person. However, I executed this task today and finished my matter in a jiffy.

Prospects of January:
* Introduction of new routines at public library on Friday. Then I am set to commence my sub.
* Work interview at library in an upper secondary school next Thursday. Keep fingers crossed!

Look out for:
1900 on SVT. Today and tomorrow 22:30.

A New Year

It is 2007 and I am off with a bad start. After midnight we went home to JP and played Buzz on PS2 four times and I didn't win once.

On the other hand, 2006 ended real nice with me drinking Mike's freshly opened Lapin Kulta in only one gulp. The beer had a foul taste but it was cold and actually pretty refreshing. Beer sucks; but I liked the look on Mikemix's face, considering it was my first beer since 1998.

Best movie: Monster House (4)
Best tv-series: The Lost Room (4)
Best DVD release: Bin-Jip (5) (made in 2004 but this masterpiece is Korean so it took a while to get here)
Best music: - (don't care about new music)