lugnt i Spanien

I write in English because I hate it when I cannot get the three last letters of the Swedish alphabet. Today we are taking some time of the sightseeing, at least during the morning. In the afternoon, after lunch and siesta, we are going to Madrid and doing something which I do not know yet.

The time spent in the central of Madrid can probably be counted on one hand. Although we have been there Friday, Sunday and Monday it feels that I haven´t seen a lot of the city. But that feeling is of course wrong. I have seen a lot. But we have spent the days in other places too. Alcala de Henares, which is the closest place Sara lives from. Sara lives in the communidad of Villalbilla but on the outskirts. It is closer to the town of Alcala than to the town of Villalbilla. I like Alcala a lot. It it extremely old, dating back to the first hundred years of our lord. I think it is most famous because it is the town that Cervantes was born and lived, but the inner town itself is wonderful.

I have also been to Segovia (walking around the old town with castle, alcazar, and cathedral) and the palace of Fillippe V  which has a plethora of great gardens and fountains near the city. El Escorial was also a sight for sore eye. It is a royal monastery where all the kings of Spain lies in a big crypt. Yesterday Sara and I went to Toledo, the former capital of Spain. If you see the photos later you can imaging how sore your feet gets after walking on calles made out of stones for nine hours.

On Friday evening I leave Madrid. What will I miss the most from Spain? I don´t know really. Not the fried food. But I am getting a recipie for a great soup made ouf of lintelles and chorizo.